Organic and nutritionally correct pet food is fundamental if our four-legged friends are to live healthy and active lives. That is why we had ourselves certified under the EC Regulation on Organic Production and carry the nationnaly recognised German organic label. In addition, we have joined the tightly regulated «Biokreis eV» organic producers’ organisation and are regularly inspected by the dependent LACON Institute. We exclusively use high-quality, organic products without any additives in our food. Our pesticide-free fruit and vegetables are sourced from organic farms, while our meat is sourced from certified organic suppliers who do not give their animals any growth hormones or other artificial substances. A love of animals should not end with your own pet! Because of this, ou suppliers must meet our high ethical standards for animal welfare and undergo regular checks by us.
From our point of view: NO.
We go a step further. We take a holistic approach with 100 per cent organic quality and insist that all animals be treated with respect. Our fundamental prerequisites include
– Free-range and /or regular outdoor pasture gazing
– Animals may not be fed any antobiotics or growth stimulating substances! Natural growth is a basic condition for an healhy animal.
– Feed must come 100 per cent organic farming sources and cannot contain any genetically modified organisms.
–  Animals are no longer considered organic after receiving three or more conventional medical procedures such as de-horning or docking may only be performed in case of an illness.
– We use lean meat cuts rejected by people but loved by our four-legged friends. This ensures no animal dies in vain.
Our actions are guided by strict ethical guidelines in order to give our animals a happy and healthy life.
Our organic raw materials are carefully selected and used to create exquisite recipes that satisfy all of our four legged friends’ nutritional requirements. The fresh fruits and vegetables e use are prepared by hand, whilst our master butcher serves up freshly carved meats. After our chef has mixed the finest ingredients, our food is packaged into prepared tins at 4 degrees Celsius, tightly sealed and is then heated at a controlled temperature using modern autoclaves. This method prevents the growth of bacteria and enables a shelf life of 18-24 months without the need for additives or other agents.

We want to be more than just a place where organic goods are tinned. That is why we’ve built a sustainable and CO2 -neutral production facility: We convert sunlight into electricity using a photovoltaic system. We take water from our own in-house cisterns fed by our own wells and use it to heat our production machinery. While the heat generated during the cooking process is used to heat our offices, the water left over from the sterilisation process is used to flush our toilets. Our consistent water recycling efforts reduce our consumption by 2 million litres of water each year. Recycled paper is re-used in the packaging material that accompanies our products to your home.
 In order to provide your four legged with healthy and appropriate nutrition, we offer you our guarantee that our food is produced authentically and transparently. All our ingredients are broken down precisely into their components. the label says chicken, chicken’s what’s in there. This is because we only use the meat we specify on the packaging. our food has a meat content of at least 50 per cent and our life pure meat range is 100 per cent meat. The individual ingredients make up nutritionally appropriate food that meets the diverse needs of our four-legged friends, and enables animals with allergies to lead a free from pain.
Our recipes are created in collaboration with animal nutritionists. In doing so, primary focus is placed on calcium to phosphorus ratio. This means that a naturally curring overbalance of phosphorus in meat is supplemented with organic egg shell powder. For our cat food, we also take care to ensure an optimal taurine content. Ingredients and composition are regularly checked